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I was up super early yesterday morning, waiting in line for a spot to get my taxes done for free at the Actors’ Equity Association building.  If you don’t know what AEA is, it’s the stage actors’ union, and they offer benefits to actors who have their Equity card (like doing your taxes for free).  But the only thing is there are about a zillion actors, so if you want your taxes done, you literally have to get in line at 5 a.m. and find a way to pass the time.  But I digress!

I took my computer to get a little work done when I joined the other folks in line.  I sort of got sidetracked with this idea I had in my head, so instead of working, I made this.

Just a friendly little reminder for myself (and for you, if you want it!) to always, always, always go that extra mile.  It’s really what makes all the difference between awesome and everything else.  Feel free to download it, pin it, share it, whatever you like — just link back here if you do.

In other news, I loved hearing all of your thoughts on this post!  (It’s been so lovely to get a little more real here on the blog, so I think we’re gonna keep it up.)  While I was speaking mainly on my married-life experience thus far, one of you darlings commented about whether the happily single gals felt the same way.  Any thoughts on that one?  Go read the post for a full reminder of what we’re chatting about.

And hey — have an awesome weekend.  xoxo

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