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Midas Would Be Proud

So I have this addiction to office supplies (clearly evidenced by this post last week). I just can’t stop! I don’t know why, but there’s something so satisfying about bringing home a new notebook or some fresh pencils or a new sharp pair of pretty scissors. Truth be told, I probably have enough notebooks to take notes from now until 2020. But these things just keep hopping off the shelf at the store and into my shopping basket (more often than not from the Target dollar aisle, which is an extremely dangerous place).

And since I’m also dangerously addicted to anything golden, these particular office supplies have me just beside myself. I’m pretty sure if they actually physically appeared all in one place I would pass out from gold overload. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Golden Office Supplies

Stapler. Pyramid pencil sharpener. Pen. Bow paper clips. Pencil case. 23 karat pencil sharpener. Mousetrap paper clip.

Seriously, come on. That rotary pencil sharpener is plated in 23 karat gold. Seriously! Not that you’re going to find me dropping dough on an actual gold pencil sharpener, but tell me that’s not cool. And that little mousetrap paper clip is probably the best paper clip I’ve ever seen.

Also, random poll: Have you ever owned a really fancy pen? Sometimes I think it’s absolutely crazy that you can spend hundreds of dollars on a pen. But then, I’ve never tried one so maybe it’s totally worth it?! I may never know, but I’m totally happy with my favorite pens for now. xoxo

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13 thoughts on “Midas Would Be Proud

  1. I love those bow tie paper clips! And office supplies–post-it notes are my weakness, especially in lots of different sizes!
    I love RSVP fine point pens. I use them for all my grading and note taking. I pretend they make my handwriting better, but I’m not sure that actually works.
    If I bought an expensive pen I would lose it–swiftly.

  2. Is that paper clip actually paper clip size? Not to get to morbid about mice, but I just created a swanky pest control business in my head based around those paper clips (we would use them, of course, on all our paperwork) Our offices would be ritzy and swanky. And we would service mansions.

    Also- Peter got a nice pen for Christmas (not $$$ but a good middle-of-the-road-nice-pen). I didn’t realize he gave it to me to sign something the other day and after I finished I was like “whoa… that made my signature look GREAT!” I didn’t want to give away the card that I had signed because my name looked so cool! Haha

  3. I love the paperclip! And I can’t say I’ve ever had a fancy pen. I knew a doctor that had a fountain pen but it was hard to write with and took a skilled hand. I lose them too often to pay out of pocket for that kind of thing 😉

  4. LOVE these! I actually have the Kate Spade paper clips,and they’re just as adorable in person. I actually did a blog post on my planner recently and included them in it 🙂

  5. I really like your point you have written very amazingly. Thanks for sharing your information with everyone and keep posting

Free Email Series

Easter Outside the Basket!

5 DIYs for a Creative + Colorful Easter

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