Merry Christmas, Now Let’s Be Happy

December 23 2013 |


Well, here we are. We did it — the shopping, the wrapping, the DIYs, the parties, the whole shebang. We did it and we did it good.

I love the hustle and bustle that is the early part of the holiday season, I really do. I love the decorations all over town and the chill in the air and people being jolly. But what I love even more is the quietness that I feel on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My heart always slows down a little bit as all of the material things fall away and I can really reflect on why I celebrate the season in the way that I do.

There’s a carol with lyrics that go “Still, still, still. One can hear the falling snow.” Doesn’t that just stop you in your tracks? A night so silent and peaceful that you could hear a snowflake. I like to try to find that stillness during this part of the holidays.

So whether you’ve already celebrated your holidays or you’ll be gathering this week with loved ones to celebrate, I hope that this season brings you a peaceful type of joy that just fills you up. I’ll be setting work aside for the week to be with family and friends, and I hope that you have the chance to do that as well. See you back here next week, and have a merry, merry Christmas. xoxo

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