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Meet/Make/Do Snippets


We met. We made. We did.

I’m actually writing this at about 6:00 am on Sunday, the day after we arrived home from Meet/Make/Do. And I thought that this morning I’d wake up super late, so glad to be in my own bed, feeling happy that the event was successful but excited to be back home. And I am kind of, but mostly I just miss the women that we were able to spend time with last week. It sort of felt like going to the coolest sleep-away camp you can imagine and leaving with 12 new best friends. I actually woke up at about 5:00 this morning, anxious to look at everyone’s photos some more on the #MeetMakeBing hashtag. I just keep scrolling through them and remembering little moments I may have forgotten.

There were a few times when I looked around at people creating or learning or talking shop or just talking life and thought, “This is exactly what we wanted to make.” People worked together to create things. People were helping each other when they got stuck. Everyone was an art director and everyone was an assistant, graciously sharing tips or expertise or just time and effort. And yes, there were hiccups and we had to think on our feet at times, but that’s what events are about.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more details about what we did at Meet/Make/Do, along with bunches of projects and DIYs that we created for and at the event. But for today, enjoy a few photos from my phone while I unpack about a million boxes. I still can’t believe that we were fortunate enough to have Bing help us bring the event to life — and fortunate enough to have a crew of ridiculously brilliant women come together in Palm Springs. (See below for links to their blogs!) Have a beautiful week, guys. xoxo

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6 thoughts on “Meet/Make/Do Snippets

    1. Thanks Ceci! We’ll be sharing more in the next few weeks. And we’re definitely looking at the possibility of more of these in the future!

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