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Married Life // Valentine’s Day

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Are you married or in a long-term relationship? I’m kinda curious how everyone else in the same boat celebrates Valentine’s Day. For some reason, Mr. Lovely and I have always kept it low-key; it’s right after Christmas and right before my birthday, so it feels like a bit much. That, and I feel like we celebrate each other every day (eeewww cheesy).

If you remember, we usually DIY each other some Valentines (evidence here, here, and here). I loved it, but even that got to be a little much after a while. So this year I think we’ll just have some good champagne with dinner and call it a day. (Although I did tell him that finally changing my last name was my gift to him. Can you even deal with that? After two and a half years I decided to become a Foy. Whoooole other post on that coming right up.)

So what about you? Do you love the hearts and flowers and teddy bears and all that jazz? Or do you do something totally off the wall for Valentine’s Day? I would love to know if it’s an important tradition for you, or something that you could take or leave. Let’s gab about it. xoxo

P.S. Make that dino Valentine right here.

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34 thoughts on “Married Life // Valentine’s Day

  1. Every Valentines Day in our family is spent celebrating my brothers birthday. It is a family tradition that we go out to eat where ever the birthday girl or boy wants to go. After we go to our house and celebrate more with cake and presents! So my boyfriend and I keep things pretty simple with each other. I agree with others here that I don’t want flowers etc because its a holiday … although its nice I want them because he is thinking of me or something nice like that.

    1. That’s an awesome tradition! Any reason to celebrate is a good reason in my book, whether it’s a birthday or Valentine’s Day or just Tuesday. 😉

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  3. My husband is pretty low-key about most holidays, and Valentine’s day is no exception. I think I got flowers one year…but that was the first year we were dating, and I think he was just trying to make a good impression! (obviously, it worked). Plus, add to that that he works on a boat, so he’s at work for two weeks at a time – he usually misses the holidays (all of them!). He always sends me a funny email though, or a daily text that’s waiting for me before I start the day. To me, it’s those daily reminders, those daily I love yous, that tell me more than a big show on one special day.

    That being said, I work for a greeting card company, and I LOVE holidays of all sorts. So I usually make him a Valentine that I give him when he gets off the boat. 🙂

    1. I so agree, Erin! I love the daily reminders as well, and I think that those are the things that build a relationship and keep it strong. Things like Valentine’s Day are (for me) just the icing on the cake.

  4. Also married… It took me a year and a half to change my name.. just went to DMV. Don’t feel too bad about it. It is such a pain!! I think having to wait in line at numerous government agencies makes a perfect gift. haha!!
    We kept it super low key this year, I took the day off work and we packed up for a picnic in the park. I really like when Dan writes me sweet notes so I always tell him that’s all I want.

    Hope you had a lovely day, darlin’! xoxo. LP

    1. It’s a TOTAL pain, right? Sheesh. Still in the middle of the process. But worth it in the end. And I love that you had a Valentine picnic! Haven’t had a picnic in a long time — you’re inspiring me.

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