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Are you married or in a long-term relationship? I’m kinda curious how everyone else in the same boat celebrates Valentine’s Day. For some reason, Mr. Lovely and I have always kept it low-key; it’s right after Christmas and right before my birthday, so it feels like a bit much. That, and I feel like we celebrate each other every day (eeewww cheesy).

If you remember, we usually DIY each other some Valentines (evidence here, here, and here). I loved it, but even that got to be a little much after a while. So this year I think we’ll just have some good champagne with dinner and call it a day. (Although I did tell him that finally changing my last name was my gift to him. Can you even deal with that? After two and a half years I decided to become a Foy. Whoooole other post on that coming right up.)

So what about you? Do you love the hearts and flowers and teddy bears and all that jazz? Or do you do something totally off the wall for Valentine’s Day? I would love to know if it’s an important tradition for you, or something that you could take or leave. Let’s gab about it. xoxo

P.S. Make that dino Valentine right here.

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  1. Valentine’s Day is also our wedding anniversary! No, we’re not incurable romantics, just we both work in schools and wanted to get married the first Saturday of half term (which just so happened to be Valentine’s Day that particular year!) We usually do something simple but lovely. Last year we went to see Moulin Rouge which was showing for one night only at our local cinema. This year we’re going to see ‘From Paris with Love’ by Opera North (never done Opera before so not quite sure what to expect!) No need to make a big song and dance about Valentines, often the simple but lovely things are the best… especially when you do them with someone you love! Lovely post.x

    The Vino Years

  2. My husband and I have always been very low-key about Valentine’s Day, especially when we were dating. My birthday is the day after Valentines so presents seemed a little greedy 😉 One year we just celebrated with Chick-fil-a milkshakes! This is our first Valentines Fay as a married couple, but now that you mentioned it…I think finally changing my name is a great Valentines present! (P.S. Would love to read a post on why you waited to change your name. It took me a solid 8 months before I bit the bullet and got it done)

  3. I feel the same way- we have Christmas, my birthday, and our anniversary fall around the holiday season, and Valentine’s day just seems- like you said, a bit much. We did a lot for each other this year and decided on a low key valentines day. We don’t lack any romance or appreciation for each other in daily life, so it’s nice not to put a lot of pressure on each other to spend a lot of money right after the holidays.

  4. I really enjoy watching my boyfriend play videogames with a good story, to me it’s kinda like watching a movie, but it’s much more exciting! So when my boyfriend told me the expansion of “the last of us” will be released this friday, that settled it : we will be eating some of our favorite food and I’ll be cheering for him (and bitting my nails!) as I watch him plays.

    I know, very romantic haha

  5. As a newly engaged couple everyone keeps asking us what we are doing for valentines, but we have been together for years, and all the hoopla just seems rediculous. Plus nearly everyone in my family has a birthday right now including me. In the past I have whipped up a fancy meal, but this year we are thinking of just getting take out, a bottle of wine and calling it good. So your not alone.

  6. I just had this conversation with my husband last night; Valentine’s day just doesn’t seem as special or necessary any more. Perhaps it’s because we’re married, getting older, or because we have children? Either way, we’d rather spend the effort and money on our approaching birthdays. I’ll still bake something sweet on Valentine’s day, though; I’ll take any excuse to indulge in something sweet. 😉

  7. Dude I frickin LOVE Valentine’s Day. Everything is PINK and has glitter on it and HEARTS!!! I die. Plus, it’s like, stationery’s BIG DAY ammirite?
    And since I love to make a big deal out of everything I like to do special things for my husband but we don’t do anything over the top. This year we are trying handmade gifts and cards! Ha! I am dying to see what he made.

  8. When I first met my husband he was ANTI Valentines Day- so not only did I have to prepare myself for the misery of not receiving flowers, I had to think of really creative ways to convert him! We do an amazing dinner at home now! We go ALL out getting our favorites from different restaurant or sweet shops as well as cook up a storm! Stay in, enjoy each others company (wink, wink) and relax. It is now one of his favorite (“commercial”)holidays. Also, now that we are parents I decorate the house super cheesy like and dress the kiddo in head to toe pink and red hearts!

  9. Early on in our relationship, I bullied my boyfriend (now husband) to plan a nice Valentine’s date. I don’t know why I even cared so much. Needless to say, it was an awful night. Now we make a point to do something special later in the month, when we’re not sharing the day with everyone else. Easier to get good reservations that way too!

    Also, I think your name changing is a perfect romantic gesture. I am 4 1/2 yrs into my marriage and haven’t made the jump yet either, but I think it will be meaningful when and if I do too!

    1. That’s a perfect idea — it’s bonkers to me how terrible it is trying to find a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. We stopped doing dinner out on V-Day a long time ago.

  10. My hubs and I have always been low-key too. Don’t really worry about presents, but we usually take the time to cook a semi-fancy dinner at home. I’d rather go out for a nice dinner together on a random day when the restaurants aren’t all packed!

  11. My hubby and I are NOT Valentine’s people. If he got me flowers on Valentines day, he would be getting them for me because it’s Valentines day (I know that makes no sense but stay with me). I would MUCH rather get flowers on any other day because he would be getting them for me because he thought of me and knows I love them. Yes, it’s super cheese to say you celebrate each other everyday but isn’t that what marriage is? I’d be one sad wifey if we only did something special and intentional for each other on Feb. 14th.

    1. That’s exactly what marriage is, I so agree with you. I love that V-Day is an extra reminder to show love, but I’m also so glad to be able to show it on every other day of the year!

  12. I love Valentine’s Day, however I like to keep it low key, too. We usually eat a nice dinner at home and enjoy some great wine and maybe champagne. It’s so much better than trying to get a reservation and trying to force the romance at a restaurant (at least to me)!

  13. My Hubby and I have been celebrating Valentines the same way for the 8 years we have been together, It is the same for us, right between Christmas and both our birthdays (yes we have the same birthday) I always make him his fave meal at home, Shepard’s Pie with the mash potato in the shape of a heart. My Steve just loves it. I always dress up the table and make him a card, nothing special, but it is special to us, our little tradition. Of course we do little things for each other all the time, but we love the tradition of it <3

    P.S. We have been married for 5 years and I have only just changed my last legal document (driving licence) to my Married name (opps!) It took me two years to change the first one (passport)

  14. I never celebrated it much in past relationships, it’s more of a ‘mail holiday’ for me (I still send valentines to penpals and friends). I like to make him things but since his birthday is very soon after, it’s pretty toned down. Maybe a card and some jellybeans 🙂 want to save all the fuss for that yearly reminder that he is an old man!

  15. Well… considering that basically since the day we met we’ve been broke (both been laid off twice from two jobs respectively) our V-Day’s have automatically been low-key, although our first one together, hubby re-enacted his proposal to me with a ring pop and then dinner at the same place we went. SO SWEET. Flowers every V-Day after that, and usually a dinner at home. This year, we’re gonna grab burgers and fries in nice clothes, and then go to a marriage conference at church! YAY!!! xo

  16. Every Valentines Day in our family is spent celebrating my brothers birthday. It is a family tradition that we go out to eat where ever the birthday girl or boy wants to go. After we go to our house and celebrate more with cake and presents! So my boyfriend and I keep things pretty simple with each other. I agree with others here that I don’t want flowers etc because its a holiday … although its nice I want them because he is thinking of me or something nice like that.

  17. My husband is pretty low-key about most holidays, and Valentine’s day is no exception. I think I got flowers one year…but that was the first year we were dating, and I think he was just trying to make a good impression! (obviously, it worked). Plus, add to that that he works on a boat, so he’s at work for two weeks at a time – he usually misses the holidays (all of them!). He always sends me a funny email though, or a daily text that’s waiting for me before I start the day. To me, it’s those daily reminders, those daily I love yous, that tell me more than a big show on one special day.

    That being said, I work for a greeting card company, and I LOVE holidays of all sorts. So I usually make him a Valentine that I give him when he gets off the boat. 🙂

    1. I so agree, Erin! I love the daily reminders as well, and I think that those are the things that build a relationship and keep it strong. Things like Valentine’s Day are (for me) just the icing on the cake.

  18. Also married… It took me a year and a half to change my name.. just went to DMV. Don’t feel too bad about it. It is such a pain!! I think having to wait in line at numerous government agencies makes a perfect gift. haha!!
    We kept it super low key this year, I took the day off work and we packed up for a picnic in the park. I really like when Dan writes me sweet notes so I always tell him that’s all I want.

    Hope you had a lovely day, darlin’! xoxo. LP

    1. It’s a TOTAL pain, right? Sheesh. Still in the middle of the process. But worth it in the end. And I love that you had a Valentine picnic! Haven’t had a picnic in a long time — you’re inspiring me.

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