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Married Life // Traveling Together


Mr. Lovely and I literally met on a bus. I was joining the cast of a national theatrical tour that he was already a part of, and I joined the company on a bus in Wausaw, Wisconsin. So you could say that traveling together was part of our story from the very beginning.

I think all of the touring we’ve done (we’ve both been on three U.S. nationals, he’s been on an international, and we’ve worked in China together) has made us pretty hardy travelers. And it’s lucky for us that we met on the road, because it’s kind of a high-pressure situation – like trial by fire. So we knew from the start that we both liked traveling and having adventures, and that our travel styles jive.

I totally know that I’m lucky, though, and that may not be the case. Do you like to travel with your spouse or partner? I feel like travel is something that really tests a relationship, and the way that you each deal with the little (or massive) situations that come up really come to light and get magnified. Like how do you both react if a flight gets cancelled? Or what’s the general disposition when you’ve been standing in line forever with a heavy backpack in a place with no air conditioning? That’s when stuff gets real. I know there have certainly been a few tense moments between the two of us while we travel. There are bound to be – everybody’s human!

Then there are the roles that you each take when you travel. Mr. Lovely and I have fallen into a routine that I really love. I do the research and all of the planning; I know the places we want to go and the things we want to do, and I plan out our days. Then he makes them happen. He’s so great at navigation, public transportation, money, and all of the logistical stuff. So it works out pretty great.

I think there’s also the matter of your travel styles. Do you both like luxury? Or are you into roughing it? If one of you is cool with sandwiches in the park and the other one really wants caviar at the Ritz, there might be some compromising to do there.

What about you? Do you have certain roles that you fall into when you travel? Do you travel well with your honey? Does it bring out the best or the worst in you? I’d love to know. xoxo

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21 thoughts on “Married Life // Traveling Together

  1. Me and my man haven’t traveled just yet. So to say I am completely jealous might work. But I do know that my man and I want to travel, we just don’t have money. Once we do I think him and I are going to start out easy. Travel the same state, see the all what in our state and then may travel to a few states further away. My guy hasn’t traveled at all so I think that would be the best way. Then after several years and some money saved we will try internationally. What do you think? Do you have any tips on your blog for travel?

    PS I LOVE your pictures. You two are sooooo cute!

  2. Hehe, I love that you two met on a bus on tour! Jeff and I are pretty good traveling together. I’d say I do most of the research and he just “shows up” but that’s a-ok with me! ha. One way we differ is on any sort of beach-type vacation. I am happy to just sit all day everyday with a book by the pool/beach, he likes to be out and about on excursions and such. So we definitely have to compromise there!

  3. What a great post! I love traveling with my husband. I think what can really build a relationship is a good road trip. Spending a lot of time in close quarters for long hours forces you to get to know the person you’re with on a whole new level. And the snack food is always fun to share! 🙂 Love your pictures!

  4. traveling is definitely something that tests a relationship! that’s so awesome that you & your husband jive together well!

    i have traveled quite a bit in my single dates, going overseas to Europe, Alaska, Canada, and different places in the US – i love it!

    my husband had never been on a plane until our honeymoon. it was his first time flying, and he hated it. it made the first day a little tense, because he shut down and i felt like he wasn’t enjoying our honeymoon… the next day on the ground was definitely better.. but when we flew back home, he still hated it.

    i love traveling by plane and don’t prefer long car rides, he’s the exact opposite. he loves long car rides (but only he gets to drive) and so we definitely have some traveling compromise 🙂

  5. My husband and I met in Germany where we were both working at a hotel. We would travel somewhere just about every weekend! We’ve been all over Europe and had some great adventures.
    Typically, when traveling, he takes the lead and I just go along for the ride–which is great because at home it’s the opposite! Kind of fun to have different roles every so often!
    We are both very “go with the flow” when it comes to traveling. Though I’m more likely to get upset or stressed out about something. But most of the time we just adjust our plans or come up with a new plan and see what happens!

  6. Aw my husband and I take on the same roles as you – I’m the planner/researcher and he’s the logistics/doer. He’s also a very chill, easy-going traveler and I’m the one who really wants to explore so he just lets me lead which works out well lol I think I really lucked out with how well my husband and I travel together though. We’re the same type of traveler and tend to have the same expectations whenever we travel. And in hard times we both tend to take on a role to help the other.
    We took our very first trip together after dating for 3 months (which I’d say is pretty early for a big trip) and it was the perfect “test” so to say of our relationship because there were many issues and things that went wrong and it was great to see how well we worked together even throughout those. To this day, my husband always says it was that trip that he knew I was the one for him! (aww cheese!)

  7. I have yet to find a man to travel with, but seeing you and Mr. Lovely gives me hope! You two are beyond adorable!


  8. I just spent a year traveling with my boyfriend and it was the best. It was tough at times, being with each other 24/7 can get on your nerves. But overall, best thing I have ever done. I thought I knew him. We had been together for 5 years already. Boy was I wrong. There is so much more to him than I ever knew.
    As a couple we learned a lot. We learned how to communicate, how to listen and what we are about.
    When it comes to traveling, we are the same as you guys. I do the planning, he makes it happen. Great combo.

  9. Me & my Mr haven’t travelled together yet and I’m both nervous and excited about it! The excitement is obvious, but I’m wondering if we’ll clash with our travelling styles and want to end up killing each other! ha.

  10. I love that we are 4 of the few and far between “tour-mances” that have made it work!
    Petey and I love to travel together…and we are sad that we don’t do it as much anymore!
    Glad you two had a blast on your trip!

  11. This is the same with my and my Boyfriend! I am exactly like you. I love the planning process and he is more practicle 🙂

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  12. Loved reading about you guys’ story. Hubby and were also destined to see the world together, kinda like you: when we met, I was a French girl working in Ireland and he was the Danish guy working in London on his way to New York…..we couldn’t have it any other way. A bit harder to see exotic places for us since we have to go back and see family in Europe a lot, but we couldn’t live without traveling – it’s in our DNA 🙂 hugs!

  13. Such a sweet story :). And I’m beyond jealous of your recent travels, looks absolutely perfect! And I’m totally the planner too! My boyfriend and I recently went on a self drive trip through Iceland (which I highly recommend!) and found myself sounding a bit like an encyclopedia as I rattled off everything I had read about our destinations. While I think the planning is necessary, his spontenaiety made the trip more of an adventure!

  14. Really love this post. My husband and I love traveling together – it’s one of the reasons I married him. I have a lifelong best friend and travel partner…nothing could be better. From planning the hotels to the meals to the activities, to going with the flow, we’re always looking for new adventures and just love the whole experience. I’ll deal with his need for a beer in the airport (seriously, $12 for a Sam Adams??) and he’ll deal with my snarky under-the-breath remarks about the pushy people creeping up to the desk in the boarding area before their zones are called. We’ve missed flights, sleep, meals, trains. But we stuck together! That’s what life’s about – experiences, not things. So glad to see you guys living life the same way!

  15. I love your site. Especially your recent Paris posts! 🙂 But specifically this one. My husband and I are PCS’ing to Germany to live for 3 years in just a few days! We’ve neither one been to Europe before, we’re both pumped! We’ve done a ton of traveling together around the US with the Army of course, and we love it, especially road tripping which is our all time fave. However we are leaving Saturday for Germany and will go straight to Italy for a late, late honeymoon for 2 weeks! We just got married in February, but the army peeled him from me immediately after- sad face. SO needless to say this first two weeks in Europe will absolutely be a test- foreign everything! I’m sure I’ll get mad about something, or he’ll loose money in an exchange, or we’ll get totally wrong directions somewhere and miss something I planned to go to… its bound to happen! We are a great team together though. I’m more out of control and have a short temper, but he’s super calm about everything so it evens out! Also, I do ALL the planning and he forks over the monies- aka makes it happen. 🙂 So it all works out! Looking forward to more of your posts from Paris.

  16. There are some places I love to go to myself. There are also places I would only do with a special someone. Buenos Aires is one of those places.

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