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Married Life // The Pet Peeves


It’s here, guys! The long-awaited installment of Married Life where Mr. Lovely and I air our dirty laundry and tell you fine people what exactly drives us nuts about each other. I have to say, we sat down together to write this post and actually ended up in fits of laughter telling each other the things that make us bonkers. So at least we can laugh about it, right? Although I have to say, Mr. Lovely had a hard time coming up with the first couple of things on his list and as we went along it curiously became quite easy for him…

In any case, take a look at our lists and have a laugh. Here are a few pet peeves of mine when it comes to my darling husband:

He never wipes his crumbs off the counter.
I can never have a can of diet soda all to myself.
He can’t close a drawer or a cabinet to save his life.
If he doesn’t know the answer to something, he makes one up. And I usually believe him. And that causes problems.
He gets fixated on melodies and will whistle the same 5 or 7 notes over and over. And over.
There are at least three pairs of his shoes in the living room at all times.

And here’s the stuff that I do that drives him crazy:

I never back up my computer, and he has to deal with the fallout when things get lost.
I tend to have an extra trash bag annex, directly next to the actual trash can.
I tickle and pinch him but get extraordinarily upset when he does the same back to me.
Instead of refilling the ice cube bucket, I just take individual ice cubes out of the ice cube trays.
I always finish the ice cream without telling him so he doesn’t have an opportunity to have one last bite.
There’s glitter everywhere. All the time.

I mean, all in all it’s not that bad. Right? If the worst thing I have to deal with is sharing my soda then I probably have it pretty good. And what about you? Don’t leave me hanging here — I want to know the little things that your partner does to get under your skin. I mean, nobody’s perfect! Let’s let it all hang out. xoxo

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21 thoughts on “Married Life // The Pet Peeves

  1. Tom leaves his socks EVERYWHERE and sometimes after he “cleans” the house I find dirty socks in piano benches, silver ware drawers, hidden behind books.
    Maybe I’ll ask him about his pet peeves, but maybe i don’t want to:)

  2. I recently moved in with my boyfriend after 3 years of dating and seriously…Wow he has a lot of quirks too! I think this process of finding out what drives us nuts is the most important step in a relationship/marriage! But come on, my boyfriend NEVER SHUTS OFF THE TV even if he has shut off the game console…I think he thinks electricity grows on trees! =P

  3. I love this post. I was just thinking the other day that not a lot of blogs I read touch on marriage, etc.

  4. I love this! My boyfriend does the thing where he makes up an answer even when he deoesn’t know- and I believe him too!! Drives me crazy. Ha!
    But then, I’m totally the one with 3 pairs of shoes in the living room all the time…heehee.

  5. I just had a flashback to one of our first serious “roommate talks” in which you voiced your utter disdain for crumbs on the counter.


  6. So great! For my hubby and I, getting pet peeves out in the open (we laugh about them too!) helps to show either 1) how silly they are or 2) how easy it can be to fix our own to serve the other person. And seriously, if he can live with my super long hair EVERYWHERE, I can live with his clothes landing everywhere but the laundry bin =).

  7. My husband chews his food to whatever song is in his head. And I mean, anytime he chews. Gum? He’s chewing to a Metallica song. Cereal? A Taylor Swift song I had on that morning. Salad? Probably chewing to some song I’ve never heard of before. He can’t chew normal. Haha – and it took me 2 years of dating and 3 years of marriage before I even realized it, but now I notice it every.single.time. we eat together. Drives me a little crazy.

    But I’m the one that leaves my shoes all over, so he gets a little bonkers over that, haha. He likes to say that I just “walk out of them” in random places all over the house – they’ve even been found halfway up the stairs.

  8. My hubby is extremely unorganized and messy. Leaves his clothes in a pile in the bedroom and hangs it everywhere: bathroom door, computer room door, chairs… Leaves his mail everywhere too and some letters never get opened. When I moved in I had to go through 4 boxes of receipts and mail and file it all for him because he would’ve never done it. He’s a mess! I call him tornado 🙂

  9. These aren’t even bad at all!! Haha. My bf and I did this a year or two ago and we had at least one major one each. But his #1 pet peeve for me was something I had only done once. Guess I’m perfect? *sarcasm 🙂

  10. I told my boyfriend about this post and we had a good laugh because some of our pet peeves were similar. We don’t live together but we stay at each other’s place often and there’s always something that comes out. It’s nothing too big though and that’s what is awesome.

  11. I think you are married to my boyfriend… crumbs on the counter/can’t close a drawer/shoes in the living room. I’m looking down as I type this to see 4 pairs of shoes hidden under the coffee table.
    A really fun post to read on a Monday morning! 🙂

  12. BAHAHAHA this is amazing! Your pet peeves for your husband are the exact same as mine!!! (except for the soda) But the shoes, the crumbs, the drawers, the humming or whistling! GAH! Too funny. I love things like this though. My husband and I did this the other day and sometimes I get so caught up with the things that bug me that I get angry or frustrated (and he never points out things about me cause he is really easy-going) but then when I do hear the things that bug him it’s like a little light bulb going off and I realize I’m pretty annoying too. And then we laugh about it and I go and open all the drawers in our condo. 🙂

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