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Married Life // Money, Honey


I’m doing it. I’m talking about it. Stop squirming, it’s going to happen.

The other day my sister and brother-in-law suggested finances as the next topic for the Married Life column. And I actually thought it was kind of brilliant, because it’s something that no one really talks about, as it can be a touchy subject in public circles. But I definitely think there are things that we can discuss here without airing everyone’s dirty laundry! So let’s get down to it. If you’re married, how to you handle your finances?

Here’s the real deal, guys: Mr. Lovely and I don’t have a joint bank account. After we were married, absolutely nothing changed with regards to our finances. We still split our rent right down the middle. At the grocery store, we sort of take turns and it pretty much evens out. At lunch or dinner, sometimes he pays and sometimes I pay. And this works for us! I’m not really sure why — it might be because both of us were so used to managing our own finances for so long that it’s just comfortable this way.

The funny thing is that even though our finances aren’t linked, we always consult each other before making purchases anyway. Especially larger ones (although we are pretty frugal and very rarely spend a ton of money). It’s not that we are looking for permission. I just consider it our way of managing, our own little system of checks & balances. So even though our money isn’t joined, our decisions are. And while it might not stay this way forever, it works for now.

So what about you? Did your finances change once you got hitched? Do you have an unusual process for your finances? Or does it make you squirm to talk about it? I’d love to hear! xoxo

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27 thoughts on “Married Life // Money, Honey

  1. When I was married I had a joint account. In my next relationship I think I would keep things a bit more separate – or entirely separate. If two people are completely compatible with spending and saving a joint account can be fine, but I guess I learned the hard way that sometimes it is better to just keep things separate. I say whatever works for the couple!

  2. My fiance and I have separate checking accounts, and one joint savings account. Despite having separate checking accounts his $$ is very much mine, and my $$ is very much his. And, he has access to mine although he never remembers the info, and I have access to his should any emergency happen, I can transfer from his to mine online.

    We simply try to keep the flow equal, if we spent a lot out of his account one week, then we do mine the other. We consult with eachother for big purchases. However, when it comes to day-to-day spending I do so more “freely” because I feel I have a better understanding of the big picture of our life, whereas he consults me on nearly every purchase because he really doesn’t trust himself. (I don’t mind 😉

  3. My husband and I have separate accounts and also take turns paying for things and split our rent and bills- we sound a lot like you and your husband’s setup 🙂 I’ve been contemplating opening a joint savings account, but it has yet to happen. Thus far, our situation really works for us!

  4. My fiancé never talked about money. We have separate accounts and we always had the mutual understanding that we were in it together. We never thought it was necessary to split things. We took care of the bills as they came and who had the money in the bank account. It ends up being even at the end of the day and together as a team we work towards our mutual goals.

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