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Married Life // Living Spaces


It’s happening. Mr. Lovely and I are getting itchy for a new place. This always happens! We’ve been so fortunate to always find great little apartments that are just perfect for us, and our place now is no exception. We’ve got enough space, a little patio that is filled with plants, big windows with lots of light, and a granite countertop in our kitchen. It’s fine. But I just can’t stop wishing we were in a house.

Are you an apartment dweller? Condo? Big ol’ house with a front porch? Wherever you are, are you happy with it? It’s kind of hard to live in an apartment and look at friends who live in full houses and not be jealous. I just sigh every time I think of having a whole extra bedroom for guests, or an office space that isn’t in our living room, or a backyard to invite friends over and barbeque. Sigh. See? Even typing those sentences I get this vision in my head of the perfect little house on the perfect little street and I look around my apartment and kind of harumph. I shouldn’t be so ungrateful.

So what is in your head when you picture the perfect living space? I have this vision of an airy, white, bright house with lots of windows, and a room just for me and Mr. Lovely to work in. Lots of cool nooks and crannies and space for the treasures we’ve collected while we travel. Room for everybody to come and stay the night or have a party. And call me crazy, but I think it would almost be fun to have kind of a fixer-upper so that we could get our hands dirty and make it our own. But there’s also the very real restrictions that finances put on a situation, and looking at housing prices is totally insane.

I’d love to know about your digs, and if you dream of being somewhere different! Do you find that your living space affects your relationship? Do you love where you live? xoxo

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27 thoughts on “Married Life // Living Spaces

  1. The grass is always greener huh? πŸ˜‰ We currently have a rather large home with all of those things you mentioned and I long for something smaller. Maybe not an apartment but something quaint and sweet. We noticed that we never work in our offices and spend 90% of our time in the living room and the rest spent in the bedroom sleeping or cooking in the kitchen. We dont even use our dining room. I get your point but I’ll be jealous of your apartment for now lol

    1. So interesting! I’m loving this comment conversation! I wonder if we had actual “offices” if we’d just end up working on the couch. Ha!

      1. My husband and I also live in a small apartment and I dream of a house with a porch and yard. (one day!) But I second the comment about the office. We have a two bedroom apartment, where we’ve turned our second bedroom into a nice shared office for both of us to work. It is beautiful, but we rarely end up using it! We are so much more comfortable working in the living room!

  2. Can’t hurt to dream. After 5 years of marriage and apartments, my husband and I finally found our dream home. I thought it would never happen, and if I had jump into a home earlier I would’ve kept wanting change, but since moving in I haven’t had a desire to move. Usually after 8 months I am itching to move on. Patience will help you find your dream home, for the price that suits you. Apartments have their advantages, though, and yours is lovely!

  3. We live in a three bedroom house. I feel like it’s large for just the two of us, though I do enjoy the kitchen and living room space.
    Also our backyard is huge and perfect for us and our dog. We have a grill and a canopy and spend most of the summer out there.
    One con for us is fixing things; in an apartment when your sink leaks or the shower clogs you call someone and they fix it. With a house we fix a lot of those things ourselves, which has been an adjustment.

    1. Sounds like most of the homeowners here have a similar perspective! I do have to admit it’s nice to just be able to put in a work order if something breaks or needs fixing. But those summer evenings in the backyard sure do sound nice… πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh boy
    *cracks knuckles*
    OMFG I HATE having a house!!!
    I don’t like to garden because I’m afraid of bugs, when stuff breaks it’s expensive to fix, and I have a fixer-upper and it is neither fixed nor up. I wish I could just dump it and go back to an apartment in Boston. UGH!

    In summation, I basically have the house you described so if you ever want to move to Massachusetts I’ll sell it to ya CHEAP.

    Good times, though.

    1. Haha! My husband and I are definetly enjoying the perks of renting an apartment. Pool and gym to use, the gardners and the best thing…when something breaks I send an email and it gets fixed! Heaven!

  5. You have hit a topic that strikes with many I talk to. I am currently fortunate enough to live in a rental house that still has its original ’62 charm. By charm I mean, a really ugly kitchen that has had every surface painted so many times that I think it is the paint that is holding it together. Being an interior designer that deals with clients who are remodeling, it makes it easy to get “the jellies”. Besides that I have a perfect coastal breeze and have the most priceless accessories inside known on earth: my hubby and doggie!

    1. So true! Sometimes my husband and I get wrapped up in wanting “more” and then stop to realize we have everything we really need. Tough not to get the jellies!

  6. you and me both. We are currently renters and we do wish we could obtain a more permanent status. While we like our digs, and suit our lives for now, we can’t but feel a little “behind” given our other friends who are moving on to bigger spaces. But, it’s the age old, “one day…” scenario/dream.

  7. I currently live in an apartment and I love it… But I am biased because I moved out of a house we rented last year. I called this house the crapshack. It was awful… But it was mainly due to my landlord. He was worse than the house. We’re hoping to buy within the building I live now… We’ll see how I feel after my lease is up!

  8. I am so lucky to have both! Large house with a big yard in the suburbs and small apartment in the big city. I love my big house because of its history and it’s where my kids grew up! But there is something to be said about living “smaller.” It forces you to focus on what is really important in your life (no room to store things you don’t immediately use) and forces you to get outside and have experiences!

    1. You really do have the best of both worlds! πŸ˜‰ And I agree about living smaller — our last apartment in NYC was tiny, but we had all we needed. And we used every single thing we had.

    2. I would love a small place in the city and a home in the country to escape to. You are really living a dream!

  9. We live in a single family home and it’s awesome, but if it was up to me we’d be moving every 3 years or so. I love new spaces and places and all the wonderful things you can do in them! I think house or apr really depends on your lifestyle. Do you like being home and working outside or would you rather be close to walking into town and no lawn maintenance? I would love to have a little of both one day!

  10. We recently relocated from CA to TX in hopes of finally owning a home again. We are in an apartment now which i perfect for my husband, son and I but I do dream of having a small cape cod or farmhouse full of the things we love most and nothing more. I want to at least have a room for our kids to visit and a kitchen big enough for everyone to gather in, other than that I just want a home full of love and intention. I totally get the house envy, although now that my kids are older I envy the people that can make their home a reflection of who they are, not just square feet to fill with objects. Each home I’ve lived in whether rented or owned I just try to make my own.

  11. I would love to own a fixer upper, the problem is my fiancΓ© and I are dreamers not fixers. Our last apartment had so many issues that no matter how many times we tried asking our landlord, nothing got done…. until the last week of our lease. Renting is the worst when you’ve got horrible landlords!

  12. I have no desire to own a house. I love the freedom renting gives you. Every once in a while I wish that we had a space i would really make our own but not enough to want to make such a big commitment. We are lucky enough to rent a very cute house with a fenced in yard and a good amount of space in a great location. The thing is that I would never consider buying that house because while there are some quirks now that aren’t a big deal they would drive me crazy if I owned it.

  13. I’m just putting it out there. Cohabitation is rough. I currently live in an apartment with my boyfriend smack dab in the middle of Honolulu. I love it, i’m super close to everything and I feel like I go out a lot more when i’m closer to everything. Living in an apartment does affect my living space with my boyfriend but it is waaaay better than living in a studio. I’ve been thinking about San Francisco lately, I’ve never been there before, but I can totally see myself going there for a few years.

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