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Married Life // Dating


Mr. Lovely and I are serious homebodies. We have a home that we love to spend time in, just being comfy and together. So sometimes we have to make an actual effort to get ourselves dressed and up and out of the house, especially when it comes to going on official “dates.” Do you still go out on dates if you’re married or in a long-term relationship? Mr. Lovely and I have a standing Friday lunch date, but that’s pretty casual. So when I found out about HowAboutWe for Couples I was pumped to try out their service.


HowAboutWe “helps people fall in love and stay in love” — how awesome is that? You guys know I love love. I just so enjoy spending time with Mr. Lovely and finding new adventures. I even love seeing other people on dates enjoying each other’s company. I just think it’s so sweet. So HowAboutWe for Couples seems so brilliant to me; they organize and curate these awesome dates and you choose your fave. It’s like picking an experience off of a menu. They set everything up, you choose your adventure, and everything’s taken care of. (There’s also a service for singles that takes online dating offline so you can get out in the world and meet peeps!)

When we were looking at some dates to choose, we almost couldn’t decide! Mr. Lovely wanted to go paddleboarding but I thought it sounded a little cold for spring. I kind of wanted to take a brunch cruise, but we were looking for something a little more laid back. So we finally figured it out — a progressive date, starting at Yuca’s Tacos and ending up with ice cream sandwiches at Coolhaus. Tacos and ice cream? Come on. This date was made for us.




It was so nice to head to some places we’ve never been, and to have a reason to spend some time together not working. It’s kind of crazy that I even feel like we have to “find” a reason to go on a date. And this whole thing has made me excited again to find new things to try and places to explore right in our town. It was such a treat of a day and by the end we were so happy to have just had the experience. That kid was cracking me up, too — the tacos and ice cream were both so good that he was on a total food high (see Exhibit A, below). And it was so fun to feel kind of like a VIP on our date because the restaurants knew we were coming and took such great care of us!



So what about you? Is your dating game on point? Or would you try a service like HowAboutWe to get your dating mojo back in gear? If you’re interested, Lovely Indeed readers are getting the hookup with a special deal to try it out! Just click here and you’ll get $50 off of your first date booking! It’s actually a really great deal; we found that your dollar goes a long way with HowAboutWe. I’d love to know what date you guys would choose, so check them out and let’s gab about it! xoxo


This post is in partnership with HowAboutWe; all opinions are my own.

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9 thoughts on “Married Life // Dating

  1. we’re just like you… we LOVE being home and it takes some serious persuading to get us out. i think we need to try this and get out more:)

  2. Wow this is really a genius idea! My husband and I are such homebodies too…although I think we’ll be more willing to get out once it warms up more here! I think the midwest could make anyone a homebody in the winter.

  3. I SO KNOW THIS FEELING! My husband and I were literally JUST talking about this very thing the other day. We’ve been so busy that any and all special one-on-one time has been out the window. Forget dates. What are those? So, this weekend we’re planning a time to just reconnect! Love this post.

  4. Okay, it looks like you guys had SUCH a great time! 🙂 I love this idea, too! My guy and I typically go on lunch dates sporadically, but we’ve started going more often as he prepares to leave for the Navy. It really is fun to just explore and do simple things with each other! 🙂

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