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Married Life // Birthdays

gummy bears

Now that we’re old married people, I almost can’t even remember how we used to celebrate each other’s birthdays when we started dating. Oh wait! Yes I do. We were living in NYC and every birthday was a shindig out at a bar or restaurant, where whoever’s birthday it wasn’t did all the planning and inviting and paying for drinks. I remember one year my birthday there was this huge snowstorm in the city and I was so stressed and sad because I thought no one would venture out in that weather. Mr. Lovely did lots of calling and texting and put together one of my favorite parties ever. Now that I look back, that sounds exhausting. Ha!

It’s not that I don’t like to hang out with bunches of people any more. And having a big party can definitely be fun. But now that we’re in it for the long haul and we’ll (hopefully) be celebrating a whole mess of birthdays together, my preference in the way that we celebrate has totally changed. What did we do for this last birthday for instance? My two guys took me to lunch at Chipotle (that guac tho) and to Trader Joe’s to get my favorite gummy bears on earth. We had family taco night, and then spent a day in San Francisco a few days later. Nothing fancy, just little adventures with the people that I love most.

We hardly even do gifts any more, which is actually kind of a relief. Mr. Lovely surprised me with a couple of vinyl albums that I had been wanting and we called it a very successful day. (He didn’t wrap them — I came out into the living room in the morning and they were leaning against the tv. Ha.) So. This is my question for you guys. Have we lost the romance and excitement? Or is it kind of expected that after a while you don’t need a whole fanfare for birthdays? I mean, I guess where we’ve settled is a celebration in a smaller way — a way where a taco bar with your family is really all you need in the world.

So leave a comment: How do you celebrate birthdays with your boo?! (Ha. I said boo.) xoxo

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8 thoughts on “Married Life // Birthdays

  1. i think i prefer what you have! (:

    its not that were not in to the hoopla anymore, its just that you have it all and there is no need for the hoopla.
    little things mean so much more than going through all the stress of planning and dressing and depending on other people to show up and securing a venue and splitting checks and all that!

    i personally think that spending my birthday with that one special person is worth more than all the hoopla out there! <3

  2. We always do what the kids want for their birthdays. If they just want some family over to go see a movie, or go to dinner or just a small gathering for the day, we do that. For us, the parents, we normally give gifts and then dinner. There’s always something I know that my husband won’t buy himself, so I go ahead and do it and vice versa. But we normally just eat at a restaurant of our choice after that and call it a day. We don’t need anything extravagant. 🙂

  3. ok looks like I’m in the minority here because ERMERGERD BERFDAYS.
    When I was in high school I used to find as many celebrity birthdays as I could (this was before IMDB *ahem RESPECT) and I would decorate that day in my school planner (Drew Barrymore would have butterflies and daisies, for example…) leaving little room for um…assignments.
    These days I make a HUGE THING about my husband’s birthday, my friends are always getting asked “WHEN ARE WE GETTING TOGETHER FOR BIRTHDAY FUN??” I refuse to mail presents….the whole works. That said, something truly thoughtful, though small, like TJ’s for your fave gummi bears? Sounds totally prosh and I love it.

  4. The best gift is definitely time spent. So as long as I’m with I love the most, I’m a happy camper on my Birthday. Some years that is a big group of friends, some years it is just my little family. I think it is one of the awesome parts of getting older and finding happiness. It is less of a production and more about stolen moments. Happy Birthday!!!

  5. This is my favorite way to celebrate birthdays, for me and my husband we switch it up.
    On my birthday, we usually take off early morning and go for a road trip enjoying the sun and a good book and then dinner at home and a movie on the couch.
    His birthday we usually spend laying around in bed watching movies and laughing and then meet up for drinks with his friends at the end of the day.

    We are quite different in that I enjoy my quiet time a lot more than him and so we try to just turn that day into our perfect day.

  6. My husband and I usually alternate between big birthday celebrations and small ones. Sometimes, we go all out with presents and sometimes we go on a simple coffee date or something. Our birthdays are 3 days apart so we usually celebrate together whether it be big or small.

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