manly man valentines

Okay guys, if you remember last year, you know that Mr. Lovely and I like to DIY our Valentines.  But if you have a dude in your life that you’d like to get a little gifty for and you’re just stuck, you’ve come to the right place.  Check out my picks for A Very Manly Man Valentine’s Day.

1.  Get your dude some new kicks like these super-cool Nike Classics.

2.  Help him keep the sun out of his eyes with a new hat.

3.  Mix him a drink when he gets home from work; I can just about guarantee he’ll love honey whiskey.

4.  If your fella’s perpetually late, an impossible-to-miss watch might do the trick.

5.  Nothing says “I’m too cool for school” like disguising your newest technology to look like old technology.

6.  Men like being manly.

7.  Maybe your dude needs a little help getting organized?  This should do it.

And finally, if you’re into something a little wacky (like me), your Valentine’s gift could look a little something like this:


Anybody else have any brilliant ideas?  I’d love to hear how you celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Don’t you love love?  xoxo

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