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Hey!  It’s Monday!  Let’s talk about dudes wearing purses.

Okay, not purses, per se.  More like man bags.  Because a dude can only shove so much stuff in his pockets, right?  Mr. Lovely happens to currently be on a hunt for a man bag, so I thought I’d toss together a little something to inspire him.  Here are some faves that I happened across in my internet travels.  Do you have a fave?  And does your man wear a man bag?  Or better yet, are you a man who carries a man bag?  Inquiring minds, people.

Gimme the low-down.  xoxo

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7 thoughts on “man bags”

  1. I like #2. Like the grain of the leather on that one.
    Me, I am a man and I carry a Crumpler. They make some great bags. I have a backpack from them as well.

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