Making a Baby Registry

August 27 2014 |

Making a Baby Registry

I remember registering for our wedding, and it seemed like such a snap. Pick a store, go there, point the gun at what you want, boom. Done. But with baby stuff it’s a whole new ball game! First of all, who in the world knows what a baby needs? Thank goodness I have an older sister with two little ones — I’ve been able to rely on her for lots of advice (and a pretty killer stash of hand-me-downs). And secondly, when we started looking around at baby gear we realized there was no one store that met all of our needs or expectations. Enter BabyList.

We were so pumped to find BabyList — it’s a universal baby registry that you can use online or on your phone to register for anything and everything. Diaper cream from Target? Yes. A baby book from Anthropologie? Yes. Home-delivered meals or services from your favorite vendors? Yes yes yes. It’s so smart, because we are finding that every new parents’ needs are going to be a little different, and BabyList kind of solves that problem. Maybe you don’t need a ton of baby stuff but you could really use a lawn mowing service for a month. Register for it, dudes. Check out a little video we made of the registry in action.

Another thing that I love is that we can register for baby items that aren’t necessarily from big box stores, and so we really have control over the aesthetic of the things that we are putting on our registry. Maybe not all of the bouncy chairs in Babies R Us are exactly our style, ya know? So we’ve been having a ball searching out things we’ll love to have in our home. It’s been so easy to use — there’s a handy button you can add to your browser toolbar and when you’re searching online, a few clicks will add any item to your registry.

Making a Baby Registry

Mr. Lovely is all about the app (that cute little nerd of mine) and loves to check and edit the registry on his phone. He’s also been known to be in a store and register for something on the spot using the app (IKEA baby section, anyone?). And to top it all off, they’ve got lots of fun extras like registry insert cards, recommendations, and completion discounts at certain stores.

Truly can’t say enough about the BabyList team! I’m just so pumped on it, you guys. And they’ve been a dream to work with while we’ve been putting our registry together. Check out their blog for lots of inspiration and find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. xoxo

P.S. Major shout out to Kelly at Studio DIY for her gorgeous studio space! We had such a ball shooting our video there. I tried to fit the pink couch in my purse to take home but she caught me…

Making a Baby Registry

Making a Baby RegistryThis post is sponsored by BabyList. All opinions are of course my own! Thank you for being supportive of the sponsors who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking.

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  1. When you add a mini version of the two of you to this little family come November, I think the world is just going to BUST because it can’t handle the cuteness. This video is adorable and I love the concept behind BabyList! Will definitely be using it down the road some day!!

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