It’s here. Mr. Lovely and I were literally scrambling around until last night, getting last minute work done, taking care of projects and clients, scrubbing our house for our home exchange guests, and just tying up loose ends in general. But somehow, everything is magically done and we can leave with full hearts and empty inboxes. It’s happening!

If you want to keep track of where we’re headed follow my Instagram (and Mr. Lovely’s, too — he takes some gems!) to see all of our adventures. We’ll be using the hashtag #lovelytravels so you can see all of the photos in one place as well. And one last thing — you guys know I’m a little scared of flying, so if you have some extra thoughts or prayers laying around for safe travel, toss ’em our way.

Have a beautiful day! xoxo

P.S. Backpack is from Forever 21 and luggage tag is from My Little Box.

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