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Happy Tuesday, Lovelies! I’ve got some fun news for ya. I’ve been hinting at a few fun changes to come here on the ol’ blog, and we’re starting to roll some of them out! First up, a Lovely Indeed newsletter!

I know what you’re thinking — more junk in my inbox. But hold up. We’ve got rules for this here newsletter. First, it won’t come more than about once a month. Second, it won’t be full of a whole bunch of boring stuff you don’t care about. Third, it will always have something fancy and exclusive just for the folks who subscribe! We’re talking new downloads, secret DIYs, and giveaways!

Our first newsletter will be going out in just a few days so if you’re feeling adventurous, enter your email below to be included (if you’ve already signed up for the newsletter elsewhere, no need to do it again). This first installment will include a freebie download of a pretty spring wallpaper for your desktop and phone, designed by none other than the adorable and talented Lindsey Crafter! You don’t wanna miss it. So sign on up if you want a little lovely for your inbox! xoxo

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