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Hey gang! I’m finally back in my own house and sleeping in my own bed after my travels, and boy is it good to be back. This morning, in case you need a little extra food for thought, I’m sharing some of my recent contributor posts for The Neighborhood and Momtastic! I love contributing, because it give me a chance to write about things that I don’t necessarily share here on Lovely Indeed. Take a peek through some of my January work!

My favorite apps for getting organized (I use ’em every day!).

I’ve been hiking a whole lot recently. Do you like to work out outside?

This setup would have gotten me out of so many jams.

I say it all the time: We live in the future.

And (secret reveal time) did you guys know that Mr. Lovely blogs too? Is that the cutest, or what? He blogs about manly stuff and super-smart tech stuff, which I think is so cool. Check out some of his topics:

Tech shortcuts that save a ton of time (he’s always teaching me these!).

What do you do with your old electronics?

And if you’re looking for a little extra DIY action, head over and read my posts for Momtastic. This month I shared DIY fridge organizer magnets and DIY heart crayons for Valentine’s Day.

Hope you like a little dose of something different today! See you tomorrow — I am so antsy for you to see the Valentine’s Day DIY I have cooked up for ya. xoxo

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