losing the cool

Ladies and gents, I am coming to you straight from the line at my local post office (the wonders of the smart phone), where I am witnessing four grown adults absolutely shouting at each other. They have lost their cool. I don’t know the circumstances, but the general gist is that one man cut in line to ask a “quick question,” which then turned into a 15-minute exchange with the teller. So naturally, people started flipping out.

Now, I’m not saying this is a novel experience for me, especially with all of the personalitites you come across in NYC. I’m not even trying to say that I never lose my cool. I guess I’m just wondering what these screaming people would think if they saw a playback of this whole ordeal. My best guess is that half would be unmoved, and half would be embarrassed. I know that if I saw myself treating another person the way that they’re treating each other, I’d be absolutely ashamed.

Moral of the story? Who knows. Maybe it’s just that we’re all people who are trying to accomplish things while we weave around and through other people. We have to share space and resources, and if we’re all shouting while we share, no one’s gonna hear anything at all. xoxo

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  1. I love this observation, we all see it daily, perhaps not as heated, or inane as this seemed to get, but it’s there. My whole day was like this today, and I chose to be the silent observer. Retail will do this to a person, I’ve learned the softer I speak, the quieter said “Yeller” will be forced to get, just to be able to hear me. We all have the “Life” app running in the background of our daily lives. Some people’s apps demand more memory than others. I just figure they are having a high memory consumption day, and can’t access their manners app at that moment.

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