little voice

I don’t have a big voice.  I learned that in junior high, when I started singing in choir like it was my job.  In high school and college, it got stronger, but no bigger.  Then when I became a teacher it gained an authoritative quality, but it still stayed the same size.  Got to NYC, more training, more depth, but still small.  I’m okay with all this.

During Cowgirls rehearsal, this became the note that I received the most.  Can’t hear you, push volume, louder louder louder…  And so I did, and it got better.  But I got to thinking one day, that my literally small voice also is a little figurative.

I’ve never been the girl shouting opinions.  When I’m around folks who like to talk, I prefer to listen, rather than try to get a word in edgewise.  I don’t like to yell to be heard.  And I fully subscribe to the notion that just because you’re screaming, doesn’t mean anyone is listening.  So I save my ideas and my voice for the times when there’s constructive communication happening.

Do I have opinions?  You betcha.  Are they strong?  Stronger than you’d think, if you’re judging my book by its cover.  But I think that opinions can be valid, whether they’re shouted from a rooftop or softly voiced from across the table.


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