Lists 101

So, I do this thing. I get overwhelmed by all of the good and all of the beauty in the world, and the only way I can find sometimes to express is it to make a list. I’ve always been a list-type person; organized to the endth degree, with things neat and tidy and in their own little compartment. I think I’m starting to let go of this little by little, specifically this year, and — whaddaya know — things are just as wonderful if they’re a little bit messy.

This being said, I still stand by my technique of appreciating the things that make me wanna cry because they’re so perfect. Maybe if I was Shelly I would write an amazing song about it, or if I was Laura I would create a perfect poem, or if I was Ryan I would be comfortable just sitting in the moment and enjoying the experience. But me — I list.

I love…

Christmas in New York
visitors from home
making decisions that benefit me
knit one, purl two
no plans turning into an excellent day
my MacBook
that my parents taught me how to be a good person
the prospect of going home for Christmas
James Taylor singing Auld Lang Syne
pale green walls
Pancake Morning Bestie Time
crosswords at Starbucks
the NY theatre community
planning for the future
my extraordinary family
foggy, cold days all bundled up
quiet times
Luke 6:27-38
and love
and love…


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