A List to Cure the Monday Blues

What? Monday?! When did this happen?

Let’s keep it simple today. If you’ve got the Monday ickies, here’s a good ol’ list of thoughts that are keeping me going this morning. Maybe it’ll help you too.

A List to Cure the Monday Blues

Can you tell I’m so ready for summer? LA is hovering now in the low 70’s, and I know that I should be grateful it’s not cold or rainy like some folks’ springs have been. But I’m always anxious for the next season to get into full swing, and right now is no exception. I’m dying for a beach day that’s warm enough to bake in the sun. Yeah!

Okay but back to my original point. What’s keeping you going this fine Monday morning? xoxo

15 thoughts on “A List to Cure the Monday Blues”

  1. I am SO ready for summer as well. Winter has been so depressingly long… We had a gorgeous weekend the past couple of days though, so that made it all better. What’s keeping me going this Monday? Hm… 4 more days until the next weekend? Lol.

  2. Wow, this is so what I needed today! All of those things really helped me get excited and cheery again. I can’t think of anything else to add so I’m just going to have to agree that they are all keeping me going, too. Thanks for posting!

  3. Great list Chelsea! So looking forward to summer! Love London but it’s just so much prettier in the sunshine. Hoping to get rid of grey skies for at least a little bit this week. Though I did spot some amazing colourful Hitchcock inspired mosaics this morning and that definitely has made my Monday.

  4. I would add one thing : gardening!! I’m moving in a new home this june and I will have a 6 000 square feet land instead of 1 500.. I’m already making plans in my head and THAT keeps me motivated 🙂

  5. This list is exactly the bright and sunny outlook I needed today… Northern Colorado gifted us with 12+ inches of snow yesterday. It goes without saying that I am ready for SUMMER!!

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