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As my sister and I were growing up, my mom would always do this thing where she wrote down the crazy things we said as kids on little scraps of paper, and she added them to our baby books.  Because of this awesome tradition, we now have some absolutely hysterical documentation of us as little kids.  The other day, my mom came across some that had been misplaced and never made it into the baby books.  She sent some to my sister and I for laughs.

My big sister is awesome.  xoxo

Audrey’s getting a shot for kindergarten.
Mom:  “Audrey where do you want your shot, on your arm or on your hip?”
Aud:  “On you.”

Audrey: “Chelsea, I always wanted you.”
Chelsea:  “Yeah…I like your hair.”
Audrey:  “Thank you.”
Chelsea:  “Let’s be buddies.”
Audrey:  “Ok.”

Mom:  “Audrey, eat your dinner.”
Chelsea:  “Yeah, Audrey, eat your dinner.  Am I supposed to stay out of this?”

Chelsea tracks dirt all over the porch with her boots.
Audrey, sweeping it up, “I’m Cinderella.”
Chelsea, with feeling, “Why Cinderella, you’re not dressed for the ball!”

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  1. I loved this! Made me chuckle! I love that your mom wrote down these interactions. My fave – am I supposed to stay out of this? I remember thinking that OFTEN when I was little! My sister was ALWAYS in trouble 🙂

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