jackie and codey are engaged

And not only are they engaged, but they’re both total knockouts.  They asked me to snap some photos of them by a park up near our apartments.  (We’re not only super good friends, but close neighbors!  I know, it’s totally Lucy-Ricky-Fred-Ethel.  And I love it.)  Anyhoo, I was a little terrified when they asked me to take some engagement photos, because that’s kind of an important moment, ya know?  And I’m a purely experimental photographer, so to be trusted with something so major was both nerve-wracking and such an honor!

In any case, it’s a good thing they’re so pretty, because I didn’t really have to much work to make them look fantastic.  So here are Jackie and Codey, engaged and over-the-moon, and too cute to describe.  Have a look.  Congrats, guys!  xoxo

13 thoughts on “jackie and codey are engaged”

  1. Oh my gosh, Chelsea, these are wonderful! You are so good! Makes me wish I could go back and have you take photos of Ken and I (we never did engagement photos…lame).

    1. Well, the photographer just so happens to be probably living with you for two weeks over Christmas, so if you and your husband put some nice clothes on you could probably persuade her to snap some photos.

  2. Chelsea – Those are beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. She is a beautiful girl w/ a beautiful smile & he has beautiful blue eyes. You did a great job taking the pics.

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