international swap ii

Remember how I told you I was participating in an international swap?  Well Francoise, my French blog buddy, sent me the coolest package ever!  It was such fun to see mail from France pop up in my box, and even more fun to open each little item that Francoise included.

She wrapped the envelope with adorable packing tape, and hand stamped the outside.

Inside, she tucked a super-cool paper garland that she sewed from paper squares, along with some vintage postcards from her recent holiday in Provence, and two cards from Papillon Blanc.

She also included some beautiful origami paper, and some folding instructions!  I’m actually particularly stoked about that bit — I went through a major origami phase in elementary school, and I’m excited to see what I remember.  Next there was a most lovely little packet of seeds, from her garden.  She dressed it up in some pretty washi tape and included a personalized tag with planting instructions.  And finally, she put some french soap in the package, so that when I opened it everything smelled like Paris.

Isn’t it all just so lovely and thoughtful?!  It’s little things like this that I love so much about bloggers — taking time to make things special and unique, and always being so willing to share.  Thank you, Francoise!  xoxo

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