i would like to announce…

…that my darling, brilliant, talented, wonderful boyfriend doesn’t know what a peach is.

Knowing that I’m currently on a fruit and veggie rampage (Spring does it to me every time.  In California, right about now is when the produce frenzy begins.), he took it upon himself to bring me some bananas and some “peaches” home from running errands, because I had been talking about them.  I opened the bag and definitely found bananas, and some weird nectarine hybrid.

So we had a little chat about the fact that peaches have fuzz, nectarines are a little more red with no fuzz, and plums are… well…  a plum color.  Because he said he didn’t know the difference.  And then I hugged him because he’s so adorable.

I guess I take being a farmer’s daughter for granted sometimes.  Oh, and the nectarine hybrid is delicious anyway.


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