I Need New Bedding

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Mr. Lovely and I have been sleeping on the weirdest combination of bedding for years now. I mean, I love to mix and match pillows and sheets and all that, but it’s kind of a crazy hodgepodge that really doesn’t make sense or even look that good. And we’ve literally had a white down comforter with no duvet cover on it at all for a couple of years. Geez.

So when Crane & Canopy contacted me about their duvet cover line, I kind of went into this bedding wonderland dream world. I’m loving their duvet covers right now because they have all of these beautiful options with pretty patterns, but they’re not so overwhelming that I couldn’t still have some of my own pieces mixed in. The patterns are subtle and beautiful but still really fun. And since grey is my new favorite color to put everywhere, these are just perfection.

The Balboa. The Ashbury. The Octavia. The Page. The Cortland.

They also have this brilliant Signature Duvet Cover. Get this — it’s made to look like your top sheet is folded over on the top of it all nice and neat, but it’s attached to the duvet. So your bed always looks fancy-hotel-status-gorgeous. Another bonus — their duvet covers have hidden zipper closures. How many hours of my life have been lost to wrestling with buttons on my old duvet covers? Ugh.


The Noe.

Do you have a fave? I think I’m loving The Octavia the best. The little teardrop pattern is just too good to pass up. Although I do love those pops of yellow on The Ashbury, too. They have so many more great ones — be sure to check ’em out. I’d love to know which ones you like! And if you’re needing a bedding revamp like I am, Crane & Canopy is offering Lovely Indeed readers 10% off of any purchase over $150 for the next week! Just enter code LOVELY10 at checkout. The discount is good until August 5th! xoxo

3 thoughts on “I Need New Bedding”

  1. Wow, they really do have a lot of great options! Love that they’re not crazy over-the-top, or terribly expensive. Both the Ashbury and Noe collections are catching me.

  2. What a great example of how a sponsored post exposed me to a brand I have never heard of but felt perfectly right with the content on your site- oh and 10% off. If only the Canadian shipping rates were a little more reasonable!

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