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how to do disneyland with a two-year-old

Disneyland with a little one is kind of awesome, and here’s why. Usually when I go to Disneyland, I push really hard and try to run around and do everything that I can possibly fit into the day. But with my sweet niece, we had to kind of slow down a little bit, and that’s awesome! I saw things that I wouldn’t usually notice with an adults-only crew. Like how cute the details are on every little thing, and how much interactivity there really is in the park. So here are some friendly suggestions if you’re doing Disney with a little one.

Hang out in line and get excited.

Disneyland with a Two-Year-Old

Once you’re in the park, hop on the train at Main Street (take your stroller), and ride it to Toontown. Hop off and let the kid run amok. Goofy’s house has a playground where the little ones go bonkers.

Disneyland with a Two-Year-Old

Take her to Mickey’s house. Try to convince her to take a picture with Mickey, and show her it’s not scary by taking one yourself. Fail at getting her close to any character whatsoever. (Kid quote: “I mostly like to look at them from far.”)

Disneyland with a Two-Year-Old

Get her some baby sunnies. Preferably the kind with Minnie Mouse ears on them, that flip open like Dwayne Wayne.

Disneyland with a Two-Year-Old

Head to Fantasyland early, especially if she wants to go on rides there. It’s bonkers how the lines on some of the baby rides are the longest in the park. Peter Pan’s flight is awesome, but a 90 minute wait? Really?! Opt for the Carousel instead, and other storybook rides like Pinocchio or Snow White. Walk on with no wait and feel awesome.

Disneyland with a Two-Year-Old

Take her to Tomorrowland and ride the Astro Blasters. Let her steer the cart. (Kid quote: “Auntie, are you blasting them away?”) Eat lunch at the Pizza Port but check the expiration date on the milk, because you may later suspect that it was responsible for a bout of the pukies.

When you’re all tired and could use a rest, head through Downtown Disney to the lobby of the Grand Californian. Snag a rocking chair in front of the fireplace and warm up your toes.

Disneyland with a Two-Year-Old

When she’s all partied out, put her to sleep in her princess jammies to dream of the day. xoxo

Disneyland with a Two-Year-Old

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5 thoughts on “how to do disneyland with a two-year-old

  1. LOVE! We leave tomorrow with all THREE of our children – who have never been. It’s so exciting for all of us 🙂

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