How Do You Edit Your Photos?

October 19 2016 |

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Are you a shutterbug? I know a lot of photographers, and they’re everything from iPhone camera enthusiasts to straight up wizards behind a DSLR. I think with all of the incredible camera technology these days we all like to dabble in photography a bit — it’s incredible to me that photography has become so accessible and simple, and with all of the editing tools available you can really make your images something spectacular, even if you’re not a trained photographer. All it takes is creativity. But! It always leaves me wondering how people like to edit their photos.

If you take lots of photos, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, I’d love to know your editing process! Mine is pretty varied. For DSLR images that we take for the blog, I edit a bit in Lightroom and a bit further in Photoshop. But I’m thinking that I need to streamline that process. For phone photos or just fun photos, I really love to edit on my phone; my favorite apps are Snapseed, A Color Story, and the good ol’ editing tools in Instagram. (I didn’t used to use them much but they’ve majorly improved over the last couple of years.)

If you have apps or editing programs, or even specific processes that you use, leave a comment so we can all compare and contrast! I’m thinking of sharing a post on my specific editing processes on phone vs. computer and I’d love to know if you have any specific questions there, too. Happy snapping! xoxo

2 thoughts on “How Do You Edit Your Photos?”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Color Story. I post anywhere from 4-5 times a day on Instagram and used to take ALL my photos in one day to use for a couple weeks or even a month. We’re talkin’ 60-100 photos at a time to have on hand to post when I needed to and to edit each one manually took FOR-E-VER. With Color Story, usually the Chroma filter does the trick. That’s ONE button push for all the adjustments I used to make in Afterlight. OMG. What a time-saver. Now I have the freedom to do my 4 or 5 photos for the day each the morning and still use Color Story because it’s just so good. I rarely use the manual adjustments, I have a few favorite filters and DONE.

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