home sweet home

After quite a journey, Ryan and I are outta China and in my hometown, recovering from our crazy experiences! We flew from Shanghai to Japan, and from Japan to San Francisco. It’s pretty unreal, the way you can start a day on one side of the world and finish it on another. Because of the way the time changes on the way back, we actually landed in SF before we took off from China. So we lived Friday twice. Bonus.

All in all, China is a pretty crazy joint. I’m so glad to have experienced it, and I enjoyed so much about it — it’s unlike any place I’ve ever been. It’s just unfortunate that our involvement with such a bunk company really colored our experience there; it’s hard to look past getting screwed time and time again, and try to appreciate the virtues of the hometown of the people that are doing the screwing. In any case, I’m better, smarter, and stronger after having survived through it all, so I’m thankful for that.

Yesterday, Ryan and I went out to my folk’s house again, this time to show him around the farm and just hang out with my dad a little bit. I always love being out in the country, and I always forget how much I miss it. I showed Ryan the yard and animals, and Dad took us on a ride through the orchards. It was a beautiful day!

America rocks.


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