holiday sangria

One of the things on my 30 by 30 is to make my own sangria recipe.  When summer ended, I kind of figured that one would be a lost cause, and I was a little bummed out!  But when Mr. Lovely suggested we make a holiday sangria to go with a Christmas dinner he was whipping up, I jumped right on board.

I had a (super early and super lovely) wedding shower recently, thrown by some old friends from my hometown, and one of the gifts we received was this beverage dispenser (thank you, Linda!).  I think these things are the coolest, and I’ve wanted one forever.  Naturally, we had to test it out immediately.

We headed to the grocery store and collected the goods, sort of making it up as we went along.   We ended up with:

-2 bottles of cheap, fruity red wine
-a small bottle of brandy
-1 liter of club soda
-1 bottle of POMWonderful pomegranate juice
-2 oranges
-1 pear

Putting it together couldn’t be easier.  First, cut your fruit into pieces; I did thin slices of the orange (we only ended up using one) and pear, and just sliced the cranberries in half.  We used about a cup of cranberries and saved the rest for another project!

Toss all of the fruit into a your beverage container and pour in two bottles of wine, as much brandy as you’d like (we used about a third of the bottle), and the entire bottle of pomegranate juice.  Mix gently, cover, and let it chill and get delicious overnight.

When you serve it, top each glass with a little club soda if you like your sangria to have a little bubble to it.  Add some fruit to your glass and toast to a delicious evening (or afternoon, or morning…)!  🙂  xoxo

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