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My Holiday Mantle & An Invitation


We don’t have a fireplace in our apartment, but I wish so hard that we did. I have a thing for fireplaces. Like a serious love of sitting by the fire. A couple of friends just renovated their house and were getting rid of their mantle facade, and you better believe Mr. Lovely and I buzzed right over in a moving truck to pick it up and move it across town! If I can’t have a fireplace, at least I can pretend I do.



Do you have a fireplace? And if you do, do you decorate it for the holidays? You guys know my love for West Elm, and right now their New Heritage line is totally nailing it in the holiday department for me. It all feels just like the holidays feel inside my head — cozy, comfortable, and glowy. I decked out my faux mantle in some West Elm goodies and Mr. Lovely and I had a little hot chocolate by the “fireplace.”

And do you know what’s brilliant in a faux fireplace? A faux fire! Those mercury glass hurricanes make candles feel like you could roast a chestnut on ’em. (I don’t know? Maybe you can, in fact, roast a chestnut on a candle.) It was kind of a perfect solution to not actually being able to light up some logs. It’s so simple to create a cozy, glowy feel with a mixture of vessels and candleholders. The combination of the mercury glass in all shapes and sizes with the capiz hurricane was the perfect way to bring warmth to the mantle.

And my favorite, I mean my very favorite, is that patterned floor pouf. It’s perfect for leaning against or for putting your feet up, and the pattern is pretty spot on. The layered textures are part of what make this scene so cozy — the pouf, the striped blanket, and the felt stockings all fit together perfectly.

The rustic touches bring the whole look together. Wood pieces in various finishes and shades conjure up the feel of a comfy cabin. And I can’t think of anything better to sip hot chocolate from than some enamel mugs!




I’m also so excited to have a new set of stockings for myself and Mr. Lovely! (I made one for our new nephew, too.) West Elm invited me to DIY some family heirlooms by putting my spin on some of their stockings, so I came up with a typography monogram DIY. I love them, and I can see us using them for lots of holidays to come.

Now, the good part. I am so pumped to be hosting a DIY workshop at West Elm next week, making those very monogrammed stockings! If you haven’t already, you should RSVP and join me. We’ll get to hang out while we DIY, there will be delicious treats, photos, a really fantastic gift bag (if I do say so myself) to the first folks in the door, and lots more. Cost of the whole shebang is just the price of materials ($16-$24, depending on the stocking you choose). I’m truly so excited to see everybody in person. Go RSVP! xoxo



Pouf. Candleholders. Stockings. Ornaments. Mugs. Cutting board mirror. Wood spheres.

I was provided with West Elm product to style my holiday mantle. All opinions are my own. I’m so grateful to be able to bring you more information about the brands that I love.

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17 thoughts on “My Holiday Mantle & An Invitation

  1. I love that you have a faux fireplace! Such a fun space, we don’t often need fireplaces in SoCal but they are so magical and beautiful. I love how you decorated yours, I’ve struggled with the right look for mine but now I’ve got great inspiration.



  2. I wish I had one too!! And why is Los Angeles so far from Montreal 🙁 If I didn’t lived that far, you could have counted me in! 🙂

  3. Grandma made stockings for our children for their first Christmas. We used them all through the years, a real treasure.

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