his & hers: wedding gifts

We’re taking a quick trip back to our wedding day today for a His & Hers post featuring our wedding gifts to each other!  Mr. Lovely and I wanted to get each other something cool and significant, but we were both aiming to stay within a pretty reasonable price range.  So naturally, without realizing that the other was doing the exact same thing, we both turned to Etsy!

Mr. Lovely found me these awesome vintage book pages with fun illustrations printed on them from Prrint.  (My fave is the girl playing a giant ukulele).

And I found him this letterpress print from The Big Harumph on Etsy.

We thought it was kind of funny that we essentially got each other the same thing for our gifts!  Maybe it’s a good sign.  We’re already on the same page.  xoxo

{Images by Joelle Pulido Photography.}

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