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You may remember the saga of my engagement rings (yes, plural – click here and here if you need reminding), which was way back when I first started Lovely Indeed.  Last fall, it took a few tries to get my ring just right, but we eventually made it.  After the engagement ring, we got my wedding band right away, and I was all set.  The band matches the ring perfectly; it’s cast from twigs as well and wraps around my finger like a vine.

Now we’re just a few short months from getting hitched, and we recently decided it was time to stop procrastinating and get Mr. Lovely his wedding band.  He knew what he wanted – simple, slim, and with a nod to the fact that my rings are cast from twigs (something with a wood grain, perhaps?).

We set out the other day to see what Soho had to offer in the way of men’s rings, and literally within 30 minutes of shopping, we found, tried, and purchased the perfect ring.  It was definitely a “third time’s the charm” situation – we tried 2 different places before we wandered into a jewelry shop where they handmake lots of their pieces right in Soho.  We both simultaneously spotted a slim, simple silver ring with an even slimmer band of wood wrapping around its center.  Per.  Fect.

He put it on and the words out of his mouth were, “Yeah, this is it.”  I thought for sure that it couldn’t possibly be that easy, but it absolutely was.  And so BAM!  Just like that, the tale of Mr. Lovely’s ring comes to an end.  Xoxo

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