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Henry // Ten Months

10 month old baby

Gang, we have a crawler. For a while I thought this kid might go straight from scooting to walking. But suddenly he’s decided he’s okay on his hands and knees instead of dragging his carcass all over my house. We’ve joked for a while that we should just attach a mop to his tummy and let him do his old army crawl thing across our kitchen floor to clean it because he’s pretty quick at dragging himself around on his stomach. But it looks like that’s not an option any more and I guess I’ll just have to mop like everyone else.

So he’s crawling, he’s pulling up and sitting down, he’s cruising along while holding onto furniture, and you can tell he really wants to let go and stand on his own. Soon enough, kid. We’ve added some words to our repertoire, too — latest faves are cat, Mimi (his grandma), Mama, and cup. Anything that he doesn’t know the word for gets called “truck,” for better or worse. He wakes up saying “truck,” no joke. And then we have to go around his room and touch everything that’s a truck or a picture of a truck.

Here’s a weird one, and let me know if any of you moms out there have experienced something similar: he hates being on the changing table. He cries and whines every single time we set him down there, unless he has something to hold in his hands. I don’t even know when it started! But I kind of dread changing a diaper unless he’s holding a tube of Desitin or something. Get it together, kid.

More charming ten-month-old behavior: he’s started waking up in the middle of the night. This kid has always been a champion nighttime sleeper and I’m so bummed that we seem to have hit a bit of a sleep regression. The thing is, when he wakes up, nothing’s wrong. He’s just bored or lonely or both. I’m thinking with all the physical and mental developments he’s experiencing, it’s just interrupting his sleep a little. The other night I went in to try to calm him and he wouldn’t chill out unless I laid down on the floor in front of his crib with my hand through the slats so he could touch it. He fell asleep with his little fingers wrapped around one of mine and it was adorable until I realized that I was stuck in there because he had a death grip. So I pried myself out after a while and snuck back to bed, trying to avoid all the squeaky boards on the floor so I wouldn’t wake him.

I’m trying so hard not to wish away any moments (even and especially the hard ones) because time is just passing too quickly. Have you ever read that poem Babies Don’t Keep? I hold that close to my heart these days. If you’re a parent and you need a little perspective, give it a quick read.

Happy 10 months, tiny! xoxo


10 month old baby

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8 thoughts on “Henry // Ten Months

  1. Chelsea, it was fun seeing the progression of Henry’s growth. You can never get rid of the blue chair. LOL. I had my husband put a shelf above the dressing table when my kids were little for extra storage. I always kept special toys there to entertain my kids while changing diapers

  2. Chelsea, I feel like I’m reading my own update for my 9-month old daughter. She suddenly cannot stand to have her diaper changed (started with just squirming and not sitting still, and now total inconsolable crying unless i find the exact right object at that moment to give her – one of the only thing that works is a medicine dropper, who knows why) And we are currently in a week of sleep regression too and I laughed at how similar our middle of the night calming-then-tiptoeing-out sounds. I always seem to hit the creakiest floorboard 🙂 You not alone!!

    Love seeing how your little guy is growing!

  3. My guy (now 13 months) will rarely stay still on the changing table without a distraction! he doesn’t cry but he twists and turns and tries to crawl off. Sometimes we go through 2-3 toys til a change is done since his attention span is .2 seconds. One other thing i found that helps is singing a silly song with different voices! What a cutie you have 🙂

  4. Does Henry have a blanket or stuffed animal lovey? You might try encouraging one for sleeping. I have know moms with six year olds who were still laying on the floor or edge of the bed every night! Just in case the need for your presence at night time becomes a regular thing a blanket or stuffed animal might do the trick if you encourage it.

  5. Oh man the nappy (diaper) change is the worst. My Arthur’s 11 months old on Sunday and he goes Ballistic when you lie him down on the change mat. Toys help and singing (sometimes) does too.

    I thought the exact same thing about our dude and walking! It’s funny how one day it’s like only trying to walk will do then they get the hang of crawling and they’re off!!

    Henry’s such a cutie, I love reading what he’s up to. ❤

Free Email Series

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5 Lessons for a Magical Visit, from a Former Cast Member

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