Henry // Five Months

April 30 2015 |

Henry 5 Months

Henry 5 Months

Holy crapola, we have a five month old kid. I hate to sound like a broken record but I have no idea how he’s this old already. Another broken record track: every single day is more awesome than the day before.

Five month old Henry is a happy dude. He has a big gummy smile and laughs when you tickle his armpits. He’s obsessed with staring at trees and ceiling fans. Loves reading books and helping turn the pages. Stops in the middle of nursing to look up at me, touch my face, and sigh a lazy sigh. And then my heart explodes.

Five month old Henry doesn’t seem to be scared of much or dislike too many things. He’s an observer. You can watch him watch something and learn about it. When we are out and about, he’ll hardly look you in the face because he’s so interested in looking around at the world. His mom and dad approve.

Happy 5 months, tiny dude! xoxo
Henry 5 Months
Henry 5 Months

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