Off To Hawaii

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Here we go! It’s been way too long since Mr. Lovely and I hopped on a plane for an adventure somewhere. I’m so, so excited to spend the week on Oahu, and so thankful for all of the awesome tips you guys had! Can’t thank you enough for all of the recommendations — we’re so excited to check out some of your favorite spots (and find some of our own). We’ve got a full week here on the blog too, so keep coming back for new posts and updates on our travels. And while you’re at it, follow me and Mr. Lovely on Instagram. We’ll be using the hashtag #lovelyindeedtravels so you can see all of our photos in one spot.

Have a beautiful week, and we’ll be sending you lots of aloha! xoxo

P.S. Y’all know how I feel about turbulence, so send good thoughts our way for a safe flight!

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