happy thanksgiving

We’re spending Thanksgiving in NYC this year, celebrating quietly with some good food and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (one of my faves).  I always miss my family during the holidays, so (like last year) I’m posting some images that feel like Thanksgiving at my parents’ house.  Holidays there are mornings with Mom’s footsteps in the kitchen and Dad out working on the ranch in the fog.  Inside the house it looks like tangles of red berries and stacked pies.  I’m missing it today, but it makes me all the more thankful that Mr. Lovely and I will get to spend some time there over Christmas, which will be here before you know it.

We’re taking a little bit of a long weekend here on Lovely Indeed, so we’ll see you back around the ol’ blog on Monday.  Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing today, do it with love and celebrate the people close to you (no matter how far away they might be).  Be happy and be thankful.  xoxo


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