Happy Friday + The Wallpaper Gods

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Friends, we’re embarking upon a terrifying journey this weekend — we’re going to attempt to wallpaper a room ourselves. GAH! It’s time to get Baby Girl’s room done and we’ve been avoiding it for a while because we’re scared! Neither one of us has ever even held a roll of wallpaper, let alone tried to install it. So toss up a prayer for us to the wallpaper gods and try to envision us being total pros and having the whole process just go swimmingly. That’s how The Secret works, right? 😉

In other news, YAY WEEKEND! What are your plans for the next couple of days? Tell me it’s more fun and way less stressful than rolling around in wallpaper glue! xoxo

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday + The Wallpaper Gods”

  1. I hope it’s a big pattern that’s easy to install or a tiny pattern you wouldn’t notice if it’s off.
    “It’s, like, destroying me.” (Name that quote!)

    1. um… My So-Called Life?! Talk about a throwback! + yes, wallpapering the little one’s room was a success! ?

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