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Happy Friday + A Ukulele Question

DIY Painted Pineapple Ukulele

Hey weekend babes! Who is PUMPED for Friday?! It was a beautiful week, and even though the weather is kind of hit and miss, I’m starting to see little glimpses of summer life and I love it. Henry started swim lessons and soccer this week, so we’re very sporty these days. Verdict so far? Swimming has always been a favorite of his so that’s great, and soccer is… meh. We’ll see if he warms up to it. In Maggie land, I’ve been trying to make a more conscious effort to engage her instead of letting Henry run the show all the time, so we’ve been reading tons of our favorite books and I’ve been singing her lots of songs with our pineapple ukulele. Some of you caught evidence on our Insta stories!

In semi-related news, every time I post a video of myself playing the uke and singing, a few people tell me I should record an album. It’s always been in my head to record some songs in a kid-style album, but one that parents would like to listen to also. Whaddaya think? What songs would you want to hear on a parent-friendly, kid-focused, ukulele album? 😉

Have a great weekend, beauties! xoxo

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5 thoughts on “Happy Friday + A Ukulele Question

  1. That picture is so cute!!! I’m not a parent but I would love to hear you do some Disney! Not sure if there would be copyright issues with that though…

  2. Song suggestions! (These are ones I love to sing to my kid)

    Puff the Magic Dragon – I made the lyrics gender neutral by changing the one line to” Dragons live forever, but not little girls and boys.” (Okay this song is sad, but I swear the book is cute and my kid loves it.)

    Make you feel my love by Bob Dylan – I know this is supposed to be romantic, but I think it translates well to love for kids!

    Thanks a lot by Raffi

    Sleep baby Sleep – this one:
    I add another verse: Sleep baby sleep, down where the woodbine’s creep. Be always like a lamb so mild, a kind and sweet and gentle child, so sleep baby sleep.

    Somewhere over the rainbow – it’s already in a ukulele version!

    And then I bet there are so many pop songs that could be made sweeter with a ukulele!

    Also, I would totally buy an album from you!

  3. I would love to have an album from you! The kids love “Barnyard Band.” It’s an old, old, old, old song from a ’78 record! And when I remember more from that album, I’ll tell you about those, kids loved them! Oh, here’s another old one–“Myrtle the Turtle and Flip the Frog.”

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