Happy Friday + Tornado Warnings

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It’s Friday! We made it! I gotta say, Mother Nature must be having a meltdown because the weather this week was crazy. In one day it went from raining to sunny to a tornado warning in California. Guys. I was seriously coming up with a plan just in case a tornado actually occurred in the Central Valley of California. Of course it didn’t, but if it had you would’ve found me and my family in my walk-in closet. Because what do Californians know about tornado shelters?! Nothing, that’s what.

In other news, a few of my friends and I went in on a group personal trainer and started training this week. In other words, my legs are non-functioning, because both of our workouts this week were lower body. It feels like I’m carrying around two cement posts on the bottom half of my body. I’m holding out hope that pretty soon it’ll get easier and I’ll just be kind of “normal” sore, not “I’m gonna die” sore. If you know what I mean.

But! This weekend we get to go to a baby birthday party (which I love) and I have rehearsal for an upcoming show, so it’s gonna be a fun one. Tell me what you have planned too! xoxo

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  1. Welcome to Michigan! Here we had snow, rain, a 70 degree day yesterday, and now it’s 40 degrees today. smh. If mother nature could figure herself out, that’d be great!

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