Happy Friday + Time Flying

Mom and Son with Palm Trees

I hereby submit this photo as evidence that time is flying and I have no idea how to stop it. I mean, WHO IS THIS BOY?! Wasn’t he just born a couple months ago? And now he’s a little dude with opinions and stories and who wants to dive in the pool a million times. And his little smirk? I feel like I can see into his teenage years when I look at this. Maggie’s almost a year old, Henry will be three in November, and then we will officially not have any more tiny babies. Waaahhhh!

In any case, he wanted me to hold up this palm frond in Mexico to show how tall he is. (It’s funny — he hit 32 pounds at two years old and maybe only gained a pound over the last year but he’s definitely stretched out.) This was such a happy day, and maybe it’s not the perfect picture but I think it’s one of those moments I’ll remember clearly for years and years. I’m trying to soak up every single moment that he asks me to pick him up or lay with him while he falls asleep because I know those times will be dwindling sooner than I would like. These are sweet days, friends.

Have a beautiful weekend! xoxo

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