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Happy Friday + The Things That Matter

Little boy at coffee shop with sprinkles in his milk

Happy Friends! I sat down to write this post and got all choked up and stumped about how to start it, because to be honest I’m stressing. I’m stressing about work, about our remodel, about having enough time to do everything, about it all. I’m stressing because Instagram sucks and my numbers keep going down and I want to keep my numbers up not only because I used to love Instagram but because it’s part of my livelihood. And I’m stressed that I’m not doing good work and that’s why my numbers are going down. I’m all deep down in this pit of stress and I know in my logical mind that it’s all gonna be just fine, but in the immediate I just feel… bleh. SO! Here are two lists. One list of things that matter and one list of things that definitely do not matter.

What matters is…

The sprinkles in Henry’s frothy milk when we go to the coffee shop.
The way that Maggie says “Boo!” when she wants to scare you.
How Ryan and I find something to cheers about every single time we have a cocktail together.
The fact that it’s starting to smell like fall.
All of the really wonderful brands who have been so fantastic to work with this year.
My jeans getting looser.
My own ideas and goals.

What doesn’t matter is…

How many likes my Instagram posts get.
Whether or not people like (literally or figuratively) the personal parts of my life that I share online.
Whether or not our remodel is done by Thanksgiving.
Whether or not everyone else likes the things we are choosing for our home.
The numbers on the scale.
The way that my ideas and goals measure up to anyone else’s.

So, I guess this was more of a pep talk for myself than anything else. Soooo…. Thanks for listening, I think? 😉 And how about you? Anything you’re stressing about that I can lend an ear for? Anything on your Matters and Doesn’t Matter lists? xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Happy Friday + The Things That Matter

  1. Aw, Chelsea, thanks for sharing this. I can honestly say I look forward to every one of your posts; your colorful DIYs, life updates, and cute baby pics always make me smile. And on the weekends I’m always a little sad we have to wait until Monday for more! 😉 I’m so inspired by the work you do and I love that you’re making the world a more beautiful place. <3

  2. I love this. Your 2 lists are such a great new way express the message behind all those “inspirational” Pinterest pins “Comparison is the thief of joy” blah blah blah. When was the last time THAT helped….
    I hear you one the “Clothes looser vs number on the scale” thing…

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