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Happy Friday + Things I’m Loving

Feet on Carpet

Things are coming together, people! Every day a little something new happens and our house looks a bit more finished. I’ll have a full update for you next week, but for now just enjoy this pretty little carpet that we got from Rug Studio to tide you over. I’ve been rolling around on it all week (partially because it’s the only thing in our house that’s not dusty).

Otherwise, I have some fun links and stuff to get you through your Friday! I know you’re sitting at your desk counting down the minutes until you can leave, so how’s about you just let me pass some time for you? You’re welcome. xoxo

The Olympics have me watching all of these rhythmic gymnastics videos, and this girl is absolutely bonkers. 

Everybody’s always like, “But you used to be an actress, you can’t be an introvert!” And I’m like, “Read this.”

We finally found a solution to fighting over outlets to plug in our cellphones. We win!

Pre-ordered my copy of Ann Shen’s Bad Girls Throughout History and I. Cannot. Wait.

Been checking out Weeknight Society and it’s brilliant if you dread making dinner every night. Check it.

We’re getting closer to a baby girl name (finally) and this list of Twitter’s ugly baby names is cracking me up! We actually were considering a couple of names on the list – HA! Can you guess which ones?

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7 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Things I’m Loving

  1. I knew it. You were totally disappointed to see SAUSAGEA and Little-Hangy-Thing-In-The-Back-Of-Your-Throat on the list.

    Also, everything on that “introvert” list is 100% me. Never fails. People are always so stunned when I say I’m introverted but it’s true. I just tell them I’m high-functioning.

    1. HAHA. i think i like your name list better… ? and p.s. it’s lovely to know that i’m in good company. ?

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