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Happy Friday + The Tale of the Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors

Let me start this post by saying: WE’RE DONE! The remodel is done! Well, I’m considering it done. We need to touch up some paint, add a couple of baseboards, and paint the house exterior. But the dust and debris and demolition and all of the dudes coming and going from our house every day — that’s all over. I can clean and start moving things back into our home just in time for Baby Girl to get here. And that, friends, is something I almost doubted would ever happen. There were days when I was pretty positive we were going to be remodeling until… forever.

But for your Friday entertainment, let me tell you The Tale of the Hardwood Floors. This little story is why we ended up a couple of weeks behind schedule. Part of the remodel was expanding both our living room and dining room, and we wanted to install hardwood to match the rest of the house. The existing wood floors are original from the 1950’s, but we found a company who felt confident that they could match the wood and make the transitions seamless. So they came in, installed, sanded, buffed, lacquered, and on and on. It’s a days-long process that then needs to dry for at least a week before you can put furniture or rugs on it. So it’s quite the disruption, especially with a toddler on the loose.

The day they were finishing, I noticed some drops of floor varnish on our existing wood floor. They had somehow spilled a line of varnish drips across almost all of our living room and didn’t notice. So I showed them and they tried to wipe them but they had dried. NOOOOOO! I know, it’s a completely first world problem, but at the end of a 9 month remodel the last thing you want to see is an error that could possibly set you back. Since the drops were dry, they tried to scrub them off with turpentine. So we had a perfectly good wood floor with spots that were scrubbed dull. After that we started looking around more — there were footprints in the varnish, waves in the new wood floor where they had sanded poorly, spots that didn’t get an even coat of finish, and spots that were dyed darker than the rest of the floor. It was a mess. And I just about lost it. I mean, 9 months pregnant, a baby due in 4 weeks, and a floor that we had to start completely over. (Which, in turn, meant that I still couldn’t get the nursery set up because our living room furniture was temporarily staying in there.)

So that’s what we did, we started over. The bossman at the floor company thankfully recognized that it was a bum job and hired another company in town to come and fix it all. And that’s been the very last thing to happen. They came, sanded it all down to bare wood (MORE DUST GAHHHH), buffed, varnished, and sanded and buffed and varnished again. Three times in all. Today is the day we can finally put furniture on it, although rugs can’t go in for a while. But at least Hank has a place to run around again and our house doesn’t smell like varnish fumes any more.

And here we aaaaaare! I’ll finally be sitting on our couch in our own living room tonight, instead of camping out in the studio or in Hankie’s room. And even though now we have our work cut out for us to clean it all up and put away everything that’s in storage, I’m so looking forward to that part of it all. Hope you guys have had a wonderful week! xoxo

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3 thoughts on “Happy Friday + The Tale of the Hardwood Floors

  1. YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! My house wasn’t under this much construction but we had work done so we could sell it last Fall and the couple weeks we had with tools in almost every room and dust in only a couple room made me IN-FRICKIN-SANE. The guys doing the work didn’t tell us dust would get everywhere and long story short we ended up at the laundromat one day with EVERYTHING WE OWN.

  2. Hooray! The long-awaited couch to pass out on! Congratulations on completing one of the most stressful life situations, (yes, a completely first-world one, but stressful nonetheless…)

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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