Happy Friday + The Power of Instagram Stories

Sayulita Heart Walkway

We made it, gang! Congrats on getting through a glorious week. Do you follow Lovely Indeed on Instagram? Earlier this week I had a little bit of a rough morning dropping Henry off at preschool and shared about it on our Instagram stories. And I have to say, when IG stories first came out I was totally annoyed at another thing that I had to keep up with. But this week was a total testament to how powerful it can be and how it has brought this little community even closer together.

I shared about how Henry has been having meltdowns lately at preschool dropoff, and how it makes me feel like a total joke/failure as a mom. And when I shared, I meant to just put it out there as a little vent session and maybe encouragement for someone else who might be experiencing the same thing. But what I got in return was crazy. So many people wrote back, sharing their own stories or just giving me a little virtual hug. I was actually moved to tears when I opened up my Instagram and started scrolling through the dozens of messages.

Long story short, I just want to say thank you to you all for being so lovely and so… there. I really feel like I’m chatting with you when I’m here on the blog or over on Instagram, and I hope you feel the same way, like you can reach out and I’ll be there. This community truly lifted me up on a rotten day and I was so thankful.

Have a beautiful weekend! xoxo

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday + The Power of Instagram Stories”

  1. I love this!
    I remember I posted about going to a conference/meeting thing and they did one of those awful “Turn to the person next you….” things and people on EITHER SIDE OF ME TURNED AWAY FROM ME.
    I wanted to DIE. But I got so many supportive messages about it from people who watched my stories ! You just never know how things like that will reach people! <3

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