Happy Friday + Take a Sec

Cotton candy sunrise

Hey lovelies! Oof, I’m stressin’ these days! I’ve got some projects that I keep trying to get done and they keep failing, I have some deadlines quickly approaching, Henry is a handful (a cute one but you know what I mean), and our house is in a constant state of disarray thanks to the remodel. But! I was driving to the gym the other morning for my usual 6 am spin class and I pulled into the parking lot and the sweetest sunrise was happening. It was still quiet outside because most sane people aren’t out driving around at 6 am, and I just sat for a second and looked at the colors and the composition and truly, it made me feel better. Calmer. Sort of like not every single thing is a huge deal and maybe I should just remember to take a big breath and a step back sometimes! I think I’m on fast forward a bit these days, just trying to tick things off my list, and that ain’t no way to live, I tell ya.

So. What helps you take a sec? Do you have a thing that reminds you to slow down, or to just take a breath? What’s your thing? Hope you have some time to find it this weekend! xoxo

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Take a Sec”

  1. Hi! Just as you did. Something tiny happens that is a little gift only God and I know I appreciate so much; or something big, like the beautiful sunrise that reminded you. We are always so blessed!

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