Happy Friday + Sudden Summer

Toddler Swimming

Y’all. It happened. Every year, spring is freezing cold here and then BAM summer smacks you in the face and makes you wish you’d never asked for it. It went from 70 one week to 95 the next and it’s officially summer up in this joint. We turned the AC on today and everything. The upside is that means lots of summer hangouts with friends, easy evenings, and pool time. We totally friended up and have a few pals who let us crash their pools, and Henry is in heaven.

Speaking of kids and swimming, isn’t it nerve-wracking?! When we’re around a pool with the kids I’m always slightly on edge. Henry just started learning how to swim to the edge of a pool and pull himself out, which is a great start but he’s definitely far from mastering it. We just always are trying to teach him about how water is great fun but it can also get dangerous in the wrong situation. I don’t want to make him afraid of it — more like I want to teach him how to manage it. It’s tricky!

In any case, have a great weekend and stay safe! Oh, and happy Cinco de Mayo! xoxo

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