Happy Friday + Staying on the Move

Monterey Bay

Happy Friday, gang! Don’t you love a short work week? I’m thinking we should start a movement to make every weekend a three-day weekend. Just saying.

Last weekend we headed to Monterey for a quick getaway, and this weekend we’re spending a few days at my family’s cabin with friends, which I’m super pumped about! I realized that I hadn’t been out of town at all since February, and it was making me totally uncomfortable and itchy to get the heck out of here! I’m a gal who seriously needs to stay on the move, and it had been way too long since we had an adventure. So we’ve got trips lined up for the next few weekends and I’m seriously pumped.

How about you? Are you a homebody or do you like to roam? I love to go places, and then I looooove to come back home. Best of all possible worlds. 🙂 What adventures do you have planned this weekend? xoxo

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