Happy Friday + Short Weeks

Pinecrest Lake

Don’t you just love a week that starts on Tuesday?! It feels like we just got going and it’s already Friday. Whatcha up to this weekend? I think we’re headed back to the lake for some more paddleboarding and to pretend summer’s not quite over. (That photo above is a shot that Ryan got on the drone when we were at the lake last weekend.) We recently got these paddleboards and they’re awesome. They’re the inflatable kind but once you’re up on them they feel totally solid and they ride really well. They take about 5 minutes to blow up and it’s definitely an arm workout but so worth it. And they pack up pretty small so you don’t have to attach anything to the roof of your car. Anyway! They’re awesome if you’re in the market for paddleboards.

Otherwise, we’re just slogging through our remodel! We’ll have another update for you soon. The plumbing is mostly done and now we’re digging into designing cabinetry for the bathrooms and master bedroom, which is always so hard for me. I’m down the Pinterest rabbit hole almost every night looking for inspiration and making plans. Anybody have any strong feelings on bathroom cabinets? Help me out here. 😉 And have a great weekend! xoxo

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