Happy Friday + A Rough Week

Purple Sky

In the spirit of transparency, I’m gonna tell ya it’s been a rough week. Some weeks aren’t all gold leaf and photos of palms trees and throwing confetti. Some weeks are trips to the ER, sitting up all night with a sleeping kid on your chest, and completely losing your voice. That was this week.

I don’t need to bum out your Friday with all of the details but let’s just say we’ve had two sick babes over here for a while now! It’s been like boot camp for my mama heart, taking one step at a time to get stronger and deal with scary situations. I’m praying praying praying that they’re on the mend and I’d be grateful if you would too. And while we’re at it, can I pray on anything for you?

Shout out to my champ of a husband for tag teaming this crappy week! Parenting is scary enough, so I’m grateful daily that I have such a gem of a partner.

Here’s to a happy Friday and a healthy weekend! Have a good one! xoxo

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